"I contacted Ms. Birnbaum to examine a set of prints I was provided from the prosecution in a murder case. She completed the examination quickly and wrote a detailed report, which included illustrations, that was extremely helpful to my case.

She was very professional throughout the process and took steps to ensure that I did not provide her with extraneous information that could bias her results.

Prior to working with Kathleen, I knew very little about latent print examination. She suggested several resources I could read to gain a better understanding of the science behind friction ridge analysis, and she was more than willing to answer questions throughout the process.

I would definitely recommend her services to a colleague, and I will certainly contact her the next time I have a case with print evidence."

Emile Lourens, South Africa Police Services:  "I have really had good success since then!  Can't emphasize enough how valuable your course has been to me!  Been sharing my new-found "wisdom" with my colleagues"

"I was taught to look at prints with a new outlook, to look at finer detail which I previously didn't think meant much"

 "Must say, I regard your courses to be really complete. Better than any other courses I have attended"

"Explaining, more than once and focusing on problem areas"

"Other instructors often go too fast or too confusing but I actually understand it when you explain it"

"I have been a Latent Print Examiner for 18 years and have heard a lot of speakers, but I have never heard it explained so well as you just did!  It was the best lecture of the conference!"

"I thought I had a fair understanding of it before but since hearing you give your talk, it really now makes sense to me"

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